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Tracey Dispensa’s Cloud 10 Launches Originals Division with Gary Trousdale Onboard

By Mercedes Milligan in Animation Magazine

August 30, 2023

Cloud 10 Studios, a woman-owned creative group seeking to empower diverse entrepreneurship in the film and animation industry, today announced the launch of Cloud 10 Originals.

The studio will make its first foray into into original production, working with industry creatives Gary Trousdale (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Tab Murphy (Batman/Superman: Apocalypse, Tarzan), Brian McKissick (Watchmen, Will Trent), Tobin Jones (How to Train Your Dragon, Incredibles 2, The Matrix Reloaded) and Kyle Portbury (Beyond the Search).

“We are very excited to be at the point where we can self-fund the development of several Cloud 10 originals working with these industry legends. We now have 10 projects in our slate with our first in early production,” says Cloud 10 Founder & CEO Tracey Dispensa.

Cloud 10 Studios plans to execute its content as high-quality 3D animation, using both a 3D animation pipeline and a real-time pipeline leveraging Epic Games’ Unreal Engine as a key component. “We’ve already been using Unreal Engine for 80% of our projects at Cloud 10 Studios. From commercials to animated short films, and AAA video game cinematics, we’ve honed our ability to leverage the best of both worlds,” notes Dispensa. “The tool still has so much potential to build efficiencies and cost-savings in our workflow while maintaining the quality we’re targeting.”

“The rise of streaming platforms and demand for content has been incredibly impactful in providing avenues for more voices to be heard. This is providing opportunities for newer companies, like Cloud 10 Studio, to boldly enter the marketplace with a great chance for success,” the studio head adds.

Dispensa is an accomplished veteran with extensive production leadership experience in feature films, television, immersive experiences and live events.

“In an industry with few women-led studios, I’m honored to be an advocate for both our industry and the rising women leaders within it. Like so many others, I used to dream about opening my own studio, and I hope I can inspire others to follow their dreams, too,” says Dispensa. “Our industry remains difficult for woman entrepreneurs, where even the process of being certified as a woman-owned business can be overwhelming. My goal is to encourage and empower others to have the resilience to break through.”

Honing her skills with esteemed companies such as DreamWorks Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, Intel, Gartner and Reel FX, Dispensa’s work includes iconic franchises like Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon and Warner Bros.’ SCOOB!. Now, as an active Producers Guild of America and WIA (Women In Animation) member, Dispensa remains committed to championing diversity and empowering women within the industry.

To plant seeds for the future, Dispensa interacts with local schools, inspiring young talent to pursue their dreams. “Many don’t see the film industry as a tangible dream, especially kids from underprivileged communities and backgrounds. So, I have a personal mission to let them know I am here to help if this is a dream they want to follow.

Founded in 2018 with hubs in Dallas and Las Vegas, Dispensa serves as the hands-on Managing Director for Cloud 10 and often takes on the role of Executive Producer for prestigious clients, including Warner Bros., ICON Technology, Salesforce and Baylor Scott & White Health.


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