Animators. Artists. Creative Technologists.


Founded in 2017, Cloud 10 Studios is on a mission to become a revolutionary creative studio.  We are passionate about our people and our people are passionate about their craft, which is a win-win for our projects.

We call our studio a hybrid, with a physical workspace and a virtual workspace having information security and data management at the forefront.  We can use one or the other as needed.  This allows our artists the flexibility to do what they love, where they love and our clients the ability to scale and contract to accommodate their production schedules.

We also built our studio to compete with financial incentives or guarantee rebates, so our clients maximize their budgets and we get to leverage more local talent.

Cloud 10 Studios celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our employees and freelance talent.

Our Founder

Tracey Dispensa

Founder, Managing Director


Tracey's career spans more than 17 years in the film industry, beginning with nearly a decade at DreamWorks.  After, she worked with Paramount Pictures, ILM/Lucasfilms, Disney's Imagineering, and Warner Brothers via Reel FX on features, television, immersive ride experiences, and commercials.

She founded Cloud 10 Studios to craft extraordinary creative work focused on teamwork, collaboration, and a warrior spirit. Beyond the creative, Tracey believes leading-edge technologies will play a role in revolutionizing the studio.  In doing so, Cloud 10 Studios has a CTO and CISO leading the way in the studio's pipeline, virtual studio solutions, information security, data management, and rendering resources.

Tracey is a proud and active member of the Producer's Guild of America.