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Cloud 10 Studios Announces Launch of Visual Effects Division, Thundercloud VFX

Updated: Jun 21

April 17, 2024

DALLAS, TX and LAS VEGAS, NV, April 17, 2024: Cloud 10 Studios, a leading animation studio, today announced the launch of Thundercloud VFX, a full-service visual effects (VFX) unit.  This strategic move expands Cloud 10’s portfolio to include real-time creative solutions, a highly specialized service that demands a blend of artistry and technical expertise using real-time technologies.


Founded in 2017 by Tracey Dispensa, Cloud 10 Studios is a trailblazing creative visualization studio using real-time systems like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine (UE), for its animation projects.  They have successfully completed multiple award-winning shorts, metaverses, and immersive AR/VR experiences.  This paved the way for them to enter the visual effects market.


“It all started with us exploring various real-time tools to support our animation work. Once we advanced our Unreal pipeline, we found ourselves working on set extensions and visual effects for the film industry.  Thundercloud VFX was the next logical step in expanding our opportunities within the industry,” shares Dispensa, Cloud 10’s CEO.

Cloud 10 Studios debuted Thundercloud VFX by partnering with Hope Studios USA and Kyle Portbury Films Australia to execute the visual effects work needed for the feature film, ‘The Hopeful’.


The Thundercloud VFX team at Cloud 10 Studios also support Salesforce in using set extension using LED video walls with camera tracking for conferences like Dreamforce.  “This allowed the VFX artists to generate complex digital backdrops in real-time using Unreal Engine. It was great to see companies like Salesforce using creative solutions like digital set extension to increase the quality of conference content for their attendees,” shares Dispensa.


For Details, Contact: David Bates – David L. Bates Creative 214-803-4524


To learn more about CLOUD 10 STUDIOS, please visit


About Cloud 10 Studios:

Cloud 10 Studios is a visionary woman-owned and operated creative studio merging disruptive innovation with extensive feature film experience. With top-tier talent linked globally and armed with cutting-edge technology, Cloud 10 delivers elevated creative solutions from its Dallas, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada hubs. They are known for forging new paths as a visualization studio with experience in VR, AR, XR, and metaverses using real time technologies.


Directed by Emmy® winner and 3-time Australian Directors Guild nominated director Kyle Portbury. The film has original music by Australian composer Blake Robinson (Disney, Marvel, EA), UK composer Michael Price (BBC Sherlock, Unforgotten, Sister Boniface Mysteries) and original songs by Grammy and Dove award-winning singer-songwriter Jonas Myrin.


Kyle Portbury’s sweeping historical tale (inspired by real-life events) follows a young family aboard a steamship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in 1874. Widower John (Gregory Wilson) delights the restless minds of his two children with a tale of courage, hope, war, and true love that begins with the end of the world. John’s tale follows a young woman (Tommie Amber-Pirie) who speaks up in a man’s world, a farmer (Bill Lake) with a prophecy about the end of the world, and a retired sea captain (Timothy Paul Coderre) who anticipates the new world ahead.


The film also stars Maddy Martin, Darren Emery, Kate Hurman, Michael Mancini and Trie Donovan. Producers of THE HOPEFUL were Bin Li, Martin Thorne and Kyle Portbury, with executive producers Kevin Christenson, Vyacheslav Demyan, and Derek Morris of Hope Studios USA. To learn more, visit IMDb:

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