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Experienced high-quality animation filmmakers


Cloud 10 Studios is a Dallas-Fort Worth based animation studio that partners with extraordinary brands to deliver quality animation and visual effects.  We are an experienced collective of producers, artists, and technologists supporting the creation and delivery of features, episodic, short form, and marketing projects.


We're built for...


We are a collective of industry-experienced animation filmmakers working on projects from concept to delivery for features, episodic, short form, and more.

Our team marries high-touch communication with keen attention-to-details to ensure all our projects are well taken care of throughout the creative journey.

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From high-quality previs to pixel-perfect visual effects, we are dedicated to bringing the vision to life with an experienced VFX team.

The Unreal Engine is ushering in a new era of storytelling and we have an experienced UE4 FX Team with an established pipeline for delivering and rendering in the Unreal Engine.


We believe in the power of creativity.  At Cloud 10 Studios, we have a robust team of visionary storyboard artists, art directors, production designers, character development artists, and more!

Together, we bring ideas from the page to the world, ideas that are so innovative, original, and meaningful they couldn't come from one - only we.

Cloud 10 Studios Internal Hub

Keeping remote teams together via our internal hub.

Built for Virtual


Cloud 10 Studios has been working in a virtual setting since 2018, utilizing a vast network of global talent.  Our goal is to use the best talent for the project regardless of where they live.  We are well versed in managing the logistics, timezones, and cultures of a diverse, remote team.

Beyond COVID-19 we have access to our full-time office space and screening room, for projects that require a collaborative onsite team.  Our offices are based in Uptown Dallas, Texas.


Built for Incentives

Looking to leverage a financial incentive for your next feature or episodic series?  We can help!  Yes, our team can guarantee incentives.  Please reach out to learn more.


Built for Security


We are focused on data management and cybersecurity via a robust in-house technology team with our own CTO and CISO.  We also partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our cloud, data management, and secure storage virtual solutions.

What about rendering? We have a proprietary render pipeline utilizing burstable solutions to maximize the time and money needed to render.


Built for Talent


Beyond all else, we are built for our people.  Our mission is to build a studio for the creative artists and technologists that join our team.  We want to uplift all of our talent and give them an outlet to innovate.  We hire full-time and freelance talent... globally.


Inspire. Guide. Motivate.

Through innovative storytelling.


We partner with top studios and brands who are dedicated to developing market-leading creative content.

Led by a team of experienced industry professionals and technology innovators, the Cloud 10 Studios team is endlessly developing creative solutions and visual stunning experiences.