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Experienced, high-quality animation filmmakers


Cloud 10 Studios is a Dallas-Fort Worth based animation studio that partners with extraordinary brands to deliver quality animation and visual effects.  We are an experienced collective of producers, artists, and technologists supporting the creation and delivery of features, episodic, short form, and marketing projects.


We are a collective of industry-experienced animation filmmakers working on projects from concept to delivery for features, episodic, short form, and more.

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From Houdini to Unreal, we are dedicated to bringing the vision to life with an experienced VFX team.  Beyond the silver screen, we also do visual effect integration for VR and immersive fly-ride films.

Visual Effects

Together, we bring ideas that are innovative, original, and meaningful from the page to the world. We have a robust team of visionary storyboard artists, art directors, production designers, character development artists, and more!

Visual Development
Virtual Studio



Cloud 10 Studios was founded for animators, artists, and creative technologist to come together and innovate.  Since 2018, we have been working in a virtual setting utilizing a vast network of global talent; therefore, we are well versed in managing the logistics, timezones, and cultures of a diverse, remote team.  We are a unique collective of full-time and freelance talent that come together... globally.

Beyond COVID-19 we have access to our full-time office space and screening room, for projects that require a collaborative onsite team.  Our offices are based in Uptown Dallas, Texas.

Cloud 10 Studios Internal Hub

Keeping remote teams together via our internal hub.

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Inspire. Guide. Motivate.

Through innovative storytelling


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